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Season 8 Episode 26 John Piette of "August" Returns!!!

November 15, 2021 Season 8 Episode 26
Fowl Players Radio
Season 8 Episode 26 John Piette of "August" Returns!!!
Show Notes


John Piette of the band August returns to talk to us about his songwriting and publishing venture, and to discuss the facts surrounding collecting royalties for your music, what key terms mean in record contracts, and how to make sure you get the money you are entitled to when signing a contract with your music. A very interesting and informative episode for those who may be looking to get signed to a recording contract or sell music. John and his bandmates Jerry Bozic and Kevin Schmidt from August were with us last spring- in Season 7 Episode 36.

For the band August:
For John Piette's songwriting and publishing venture:

Please remember the holiday season is approaching and there are lots of artists out there that have music, DVDs, books, and other things that make great gifts for the holidays!! These artists are small businesses, so please support them! You can find their links in the show notes of each episode.

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