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Season 8 Episode 23- Actress Laura Meadows Returns!! "The Butcher" "Amityville Vampire" "Macabre Mansion" and others!!

October 30, 2021 Laura Meadows Season 8 Episode 23
Fowl Players Radio
Season 8 Episode 23- Actress Laura Meadows Returns!! "The Butcher" "Amityville Vampire" "Macabre Mansion" and others!!
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Laura Meadows is known as a scream queen and passionately pursues her love of horror and all things fantasy!  She also known for her portrayal of British Royals, including Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Margaret Tudor. One of her trademarks is her mane of blazing red hair! She has often been compared to Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith,  Jayne Mansfield, and has been called a real-life Jessica Rabbit). Laura began her acting career in Dallas, Texas on Oliver Stone's film Any Given Sunday. After catching Mr. Stone's eye, Laura was immediately bumped up from background to Ann Margret's stand-in. With his encouragement, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Laura Meadows is a native of St. Louis and since moving to Los Angeles, Laura has appeared in numerous film, television, and digital projects, encompassing comedy, drama, and her greatest cinematic passion, horror. She has worked with notable directors such as  Rob Zombie and Darren Lynn Bousman,  and has also appeared in numerous music videos, including the "The Rope" by the Foo Fighters, where she ran into the freezing cold ocean in a bikini! Laura's range as an actress is extensive; she's played moms, detectives, doctors, lovers, villains, fantasy characters and has done voice over work.

She returns to FOWL PLAYERS RADIO for Halloween season, to discuss her recent projects and favorite horror movies!! 

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