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Season 8 Episode 7- Doug and Kris Macuch- "Diamond Alley", and much more!

August 23, 2021 Season 8 Episode 7
Fowl Players Radio
Season 8 Episode 7- Doug and Kris Macuch- "Diamond Alley", and much more!
Show Notes


When I was first introduced to Doug Macuch and was asking him if he was interested in being a guest on Fowl Players Radio- he told me he was afraid he wouldn't have much to say. One night, he and his wife Kris sat down to put together some thoughts of things they would like to talk about, and practically wrote a book! They both had such great stories to tell, from the bands they performed in prior to meeting each other, and the band "Diamond Alley" which they have been in together for quite a few years!
The Macuches took a long walk down memory lane, telling me of the bands they had played in over the years with  and the acts they had opened for in various bands such as Fats Domino, Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Peter Frampton, Nazareth, John Hall of Orleans, Black Oak Arkansas, Zebra, Eddie Money, The 4 Tops, The Drifters, Nils Lofgren,  and jammed with Mick Fleetwood and Bette Midler's band. Kris was in the touring band for "Peaches and Herb" for a year.
Also- great stories of misadventures! Doug's band "Ain't no good", Armand Zildjian falls asleep during an interview, and some "Rambo-Style" first aid to get through a gig!! Kris' keyboard gets destroyed by a member of Steppenwolf!
Instead of trying to recap every story they told me- I'm just going to let you listen for yourself!

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